Northumberland to the Netherlands

The sweet little town of Ashington, with you wonderful hosts Brian and Nicola (B and N). This is a luxurious getaway from our overcrowded, over sensory and non-English experience. Time to mix with the locals and get some good ole fashion TLC. This Gluten Free house is the best for my cravings... but not the best for my health. Time to get back on the horse with these 6:00 am runs three days a week and Metafit workouts three days a week 😊.

Northern England very much reminds me of Northern Ireland. I wonder how much Scotland will be the same. 


London was lovely my brain is going to explode with all that I have learned about history at the museums. I have to say, the Imperial War Museum, first floor on world war one was very impressive. Also, Churchill's museum was interactive with some technology I have not seen.

I am now fully caught up in World War I and II, as well as learning about Churchill, I did not know very much about him before coming here. 

Another trip to Abbey Road which was lovely and all the other main attractions. 

Off to Europe... Vimy Ridge was an amazing experience. It is so sad all of the men and women who have lost their lives there or had to live in the trenches during the most brutal trench war. I am honored I was able to experience this memorable sight in my life. Thank you, to everyone who lost their lives fighting, in the many wars throughout history, to give us freedom. 


Sunderland-Final home game in a VIP box suite. They even gave us GF food. It was lush!

Köln (Cologne, Germany) - Final game of the season, bringing Koln into next year’s European Ledge. 

FC Köln vs Mainz 2-0

"Cologne secured major European football for the first time in 25 years following a comfortable final-day win over Mainz."

-Bundesliga newsletter

Köln(Cologne, Germany)-(International Ice Hockey Federation) IIHF World Championship Final Game.

 Canada vs Sweden 2-1 Sweden in the shootout.


Amsterdam, Holland- Europa League final, Manchester United vs Ajax Amsterdam, final home season game. Okay, I was not at this game, but oh boy it is worth talking about the fans.


These games were a mind-blowing experience of countries pride in their team. I have to say Football fans are the wildest!

The Amsterdam game did not even start until 9:00 PM, but people started drinking at 9:00 AM!


The Köln Soccer Match everyone stormed the field when they won. They hugged and kissed the players, chanting and setting off fireworks. The tram(train) to and from the game was ridiculous, packed with drunk sweaty men singing game chants. People cut out pieces of the pitch(field, grass) a show I will never forget 😊.


Thank you Brain, Nicola and Mark, for the excellent adventure in Europe. 


Until next time...