Back home in YEG

Back in YEG

It is so exciting for me to be back on home soil. I had an amazing adventure but am glad to be back with friends and family. After living in Ashington, England until June 2017, I came home through Winnipeg to see my dad and watch Dry's hockey tournament.

Since then, I have had a rollercoaster ride after starting my photography business full-time. I’ve also scored three acting jobs: an ATB Hand modeling commercial, an Adidas commercial where I was a screaming fan in the background, and this spring, Mark and I will be in a Brick commercial. :)


Recently, I was introduced to Anderson Career Training Institute or ACTI, a government-funded program which teaches new entrepreneurs how to run a business. In the first ten weeks of the program we learned about bookkeeping, law, marketing, social media, stress reduction, time management, and so much more! We now meet weekly with our mentorship group for extra encouragement and advice from our ACTI mentors.

I also met some amazing people in my class and we have kept in touch! They are a great support system as well as good friends and resources.

I am in Jasper right now catching up on my blogging;  it has been too long, and I hope to keep up with it on a regular basis.

I am very excited to announce that I launched my first email campaign this month!  Dawn Carter with TopFlight Writing Agency is an excellent writer helping me with my 12-month campaign. :D I am so appreciative of her and all she does!