5 tips for making your house photo-ready for parties

Summer's here! Time to fire up the barbecue and invite over friends and family for good times. You know visitors will want to post photos on their social media, so get your house ready for pictures and partying. We have 5 easy tips to help you set up before the guests arrive.

  1. Declutter. If it has a drawer or doors put things in it and close them. Less is more: the more items you can remove from your living room or kitchen and put in the basement or garage or other "no-go zones", the better. It will give your house a clean, simple feel.

  2. Clean the windows, open the shades, and neatly tuck in bed covers. Natural light can go a long way toward making your home shine. Also, a neat bed makes a great first impression when guests wander the halls. Fluff up the pillows, pull the bedcovers taut and clear away clutter and personal items from the bedside tables. Straighten out picture frames and artwork on your walls. Yes, we're telling you to clean your room!

  3. Awaken the houseplants. Fresh green plants add a feeling of life and vibrancy to a home. Withered plants do the opposite! Trim away dead leaves with a pair of sharp scissors. Dust large-leaved plants with a soft cloth. Give your plants a little mist to freshen them up.

  4. Polish wood floors and shine up appliances. Wood floors transform a room into a showcase, so make they look their best. Give them a thorough cleaning and finish with a product that is safe for your floors and your visitors. The same goes for stainless-steel appliances; using a product designed for stainless steel such as Gleam It, can really make the surfaces glimmer like new. That extra sparkle and shine will enhance the backdrop to the photos your visitors take.

  5. Hide toiletries and freshen bathrooms. Aside from a fresh bar of soap at the sink, the bathroom should be completely free of toiletries - too many products crowding the sink and shower create clutter and implies you don't have enough storage space. Clean the outside of hand soap bottles. Put out fresh, fluffy white towels if you have them.


If you take a little time, you can transform your home into a wonderful backdrop for photos.


Spread the tasks out over a few days and make the final touches before the party. You'll be glad you did!