Nagoya, Japan

Welcome to Nagoya! Home of Mr. Baseball. Today we stayed at an Airbnb if you have not tried it I strongly recommend it. Our host even picked us up and s dropping us off at the Train station. He drives a nice Lexus Rx. He says he has his own business and eight houses he rents out. Nishiama is our wonderful host. He let us stay in this spacious apartment, see photos below. 

We went to Nagoya Dome to watch the Chunichi Dragons vs the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. The game was tied mostly with little scoring. But it was exciting being in the big dome and listening to the chanting from the fans. 

We also headed to Sakae which was like a mixture of Vegas,  Paris and London.  We sang karaoke at Big Echo. So much fun! Don't be fooled when they say you can pay more for one drink they are referring to fountain pop. 

I will have mini Josh Donaldson with me on my travels as well, Oh the things he will see. :)

Today we are off to Tokyo and soon Tokyo Disneyland!!