Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland

Welcome to one of the most magical and happiest places on earth.  

My three day Disney adventure started at the exclusive Disney Sea. Then a day at Disney land and the third day with the 3-day magic pass, you can choose which park to go to. Disneyland was the winner and was enjoyed on the third day as well. 

Disney sea was different but cool. They had similar rides like the tower of terror. Although their tower theme was at the New York Harrison tower.  He was an explorer that went around the world and stole artifacts for his collection. This ride was one of the only thrilling rides in Disney sea. It was very fun and exciting! :)

I also enjoyed the roller coaster in the  "Lost River Delta" which also had Indiana Jones adventure, which was basically the same as California. Some of the songs were still in English but the speaking was in Japanese. 

We also went to the center of the earth in "Mysterious Island". We then went to the "Arabian Coast" this is the only place in Disney Sea where you can get curry popcorn. Oh yes, popcorn is big here there's caramel, salt, black pepper, honey, milk and white chocolate, curry, and the most popular soy sauce and butter.

They also had an "American waterfront area" Duffy and friends are very big here as well. I found 90% of the rides we mild. No real rush of excitement very tame rides. 


Day 2 Disneyland

Really exciting today! Disneyland the way it should be. :) It felt like home going here. One thing I love about Tokyo Disney is the staff is always smiling over the top with niceness and happiness. In fact, all of Japan I have experienced is very smiley and respectful.  :D


Disneyland began with a Jungle Cruise, which was similar but with cool effects and a bit better than California. Also completed Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean(with Jonny Depp) and all of the kid's rides. We even got a free fast pass to Pooh's Honey Hunt. Which was very good you could not see the tracks and was very engaging constant movement. The honey room smelled like honey! 

Day 3 was a packing day to get ready for Taiwan.

Later in the day, I returned to a lovely Thai restaurant in the mall by the Grand Nikko hotel. Disneyland consisted of a lot of shopping and riding the best rides. I went to Mickey's house and met him for the first time. I got a couple photos of him as well. :D


Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita

Which means Thank you the formal way

I had so much fun and so many amazing memories here at Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea, and Kyoto.

I am off to Taiwan and will not be able to blog as much but I will still post some photos.

Thanks for reading!